The Burden of Being Righteous

I have this weakness. I’m a straight-laced, honest to a fault, morally guided person. And that weighs heavily on me. When I am subdued by my conscience to do ‘the right thing’, I become super judgemental to those who don’t heed the way of being morally upright. Then I paint that person as morally corrupt, or dishonest, or without integrity, or such. Even on slightest occurence, maybe one indiscretion, small misdemeanor, which is not a grave crime for the penalty given.

But how do I remove judgements and having equal moral expectations from the people I encounter?

It’s hard.

But I think, the justification I have for not being judgemental, as mentioned in The Great Gatsby (and I paraphrase) is to know that people do not have the same opportunity as myself to be able to experience what I experience. 

Recently though, what I learnt from our friend, Merav, about Forgiveness Prayers on how to forgive the other and expect the other (in our mind) to forgive us for being judgemental, angry, resentful, etc…

And to realize that moral codes are not universal. Some people have strict moral codes, some are laxed. For as long as it doesn’t involve a physical loss, or an emotional abuse that leads to physical loss and physical deprivation, then it’s okay.

Yeah, I should learn that. Keep on reminding myself…

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1 Response to The Burden of Being Righteous

  1. You are right on Meriza! Not everybody is as evolved/spiritual as you, you must forgive them and send them unconditional love…they will get there too when it’s the right time for them, you can’t rush spiritual growth, it happens when it happens 🙂

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